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In any military or law enforcement operation, security is the first and foremost consideration.  This is not speculation, it's a fact.  Without security people do not perform at their best, goals are not achieved, and risk (from all sides) can derail even the most highly trained, efficient team.

It's with this understanding that NobleSix has developed our risk mitigating OPSEC (Operational Security) approach for organizations just like yours.  With OPSEC your team will understand not only what threats can affect you, but also how to identify them, safely & effectively reduce their affect, and in the worst case scenario, how to recover from their impact.

OPSEC...without it you're only HOPING for the best, not planning for it.


We employ several retired and current law enforcement officers as well as current and retired special forces operators of the U.S. Military honing a combined 150 years of real-world, practical experience and training. Our trainers are certified instructors with experience in what they teach. Beyond that, they are passionate about what they do. They believe in delivering the most realistic training experience for you and they do not hold back. This means you should feel confident that you can overcome any obstacle and achieve the greatest possible outcome should you come face-to-face with certain dynamic situations.

NobleSix Consultant Experience & Expertise

  • Active Assailant (Active Shooter)

  • Situational Awareness Instructor

  • SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics)

  • Narcotics Investigations

  • Detective Investigations

  • Community Services Officer

  • Police Department supervisory roles

  • Public Information Officer

  • Media Relations Officer

  • Community Outreach Program Administrator

  • Police Department Training Officer

  • School Resource Officer

  • Field Training Officer

  • DAAT Instructor (Defense and Arrest Tactics)

  • Firearms Instructor

  • U.S. Marine Corps Infantry

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