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Additional Hope to the Families of Fallen Heroes

NobleSix Launches Giving Program to Assist Families of Those Who Serve Our Communities



February 8, 2022 – GREATER MILWAUKEE, WI – NobleSix, the industry leader in critical indecent management for organizations of all sizes, is pleased to announce the launch of Hero’s Hope; an initiative designed to aid and support to families of first responders who have fallen in the line of duty.


“Hero’s Hope is a project that we’ve had in the works for some time,” said Tyler Weston, Co-Founder & CEO of NobleSix.  “All of us here are retired first responders.  Some were in the military and some in law enforcement. We’re all invested in what happens not only to our brothers and sisters on the front lines, but also the critical support system (the family) that stands behind each hero. Because, when you really look at it, the brave men and women who put on the uniform or provide life-saving services every day do so because they want to make a better world for their families… this is their collective hope and motivation.  When a hero falls, so does the hope they carried for their family, especially the children.  Thus, the name ‘Hero’s Hope.’  We help so that, even in the face of tragedy, the fallen hero can be assured that others are watching out for their fondest hopes and dreams; helping ensure that they live on and are fulfilled.”


NobleSix is one business unit of the larger Noble Group.  Its focus is on educating, planning, and training personnel, within organizations of all sizes, how to plan for, recognize, survive, and recover from a critical (or crisis) incident.


“We couldn’t be prouder to step up and help the families of our heroes,” said Dan Hanlon, Director of Training at NobleSix and 30-year law enforcement veteran.  “I’ve seen the danger and have experienced the risks, myself… lots of times. I know that every first responder wants nothing more than to go home at the end of the shift, hold their family close, and see them prosper.  The sad reality is that for some, that’s not going to happen.  We only hope that in some small way, our efforts through Hero’s Hope can help those who are left behind, in the wake of tragedy.”


About The Noble Group

The Noble Group is an industry leading, multi-dimensional group of business units consisting of Noble Six, Noble Medical, Noble Diagnostics, and Noble Backgrounds, all working together to provide their clients with full-circle protection in the pre-employment, workplace safety, and drug screening spaces.  By offering an increased menu of risk mitigation services The Noble Group provides greater options and flexibility for its partners.  For more information visit

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