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Noble Six Experiences Triple-Digit Requests for Operational Security (OPSEC) Information

The New Year Sees Organizations Clamoring for Risk Assessment and Plan Development


Milwaukee, WI | January 13, 2022 - Noble Six, the go-to workplace safety & strategy team for companies looking to safeguard their physical locations and personnel, is reporting triple-digit inbound requests for risk mitigation and operational security (OPSEC) information.


“It’s absolutely bonkers,” says Dan Hanlon, a 30-year LEO (Law Enforcement Officer), and trainer with NobleSix. “It’s as if what we’ve been advocating for the past year is now finally resonating with the heads of organizations, and they’re seeking risk assessments, mitigation strategies, survivability & recovery plans, and all manner of training for their people and their locations.  It’s great to see people taking the dangers of workplace violence and risk seriously.  Our inbound training requests are up 300%+ from last year.  I’ll say it again…it’s as if once we turned the calendar over to the new year, a collective lightbulb came on, and everyone is concerned about risk mitigation and the safety of their people…it’s really great to see.”


NobleSix was founded by a highly trained team of law enforcement and military personnel who recognized the lack of training and plan development within the greater corporate marketplace.  Services include security assessments, emergency response protocol, crisis mitigation training, and post-crisis recovery activities.  Training can be done via site visit, virtually, or in pre-recorded seminars/presentations.


“This is what we were built for,” added Tyler Weston (USMC Ret. & 7-year LEO).  “Our world is getting more dangerous, not less.  You can hardly watch the news these days and not see some sort of multi-victim violence that is occurring.  To be able to spot, assess, and mitigate risk will not only make organizations safer, but also more productive.  We’re happy to help and to keep people, locations, and organizations safe.  As we’re fond of saying, ‘it’s far better to have a plan and not need it, rather than to need one and not have it.”


About The Noble Group

The Noble Group is an industry leading, multi-dimensional group of business units consisting of Noble Six, Noble Medical, Noble Diagnostics, and Noble Backgrounds, all working together to provide their clients with full-circle protection in the pre-employment, workplace safety, and drug screening spaces.  


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