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Online Learning Access - Beta

Just let us know who you are and you'll be able to access the raw data contained in the first of six online courses for Critical Incident Planning (coming via LMS - Learning Management System in 2024) 


With the world becoming more dangerous, it's more important than ever that your staff, partners, and contract employees know what to look for and how quickly crisis situations can arise.  Noble's lead Critical Incident Consultant/Trainer (Dan Hanlon) will walk you through this first session in which he describes the anatomy of a crisis situation, and how to avoid them.

I know you'll learn a lot from this initial session.  

PLEASE NOTE:  This session contains actual CCTV footage of critical incidents (shootings) that have taken place in recent years, in order to demonstrate their violent nature, similarities, and to provide case study evidence in how to respond in order to save lives. 


Sensitive viewers should exercise caution before and when viewing these materials.


Tyler Weston

President & Owner - NobleSix

Former LEO & USMC Retired

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