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Developing Innovative Strategies In



We provide site assessment, emergency response protocol, and crisis recovery training that are "MUST-HAVES" in today's risk averse world. We also share our proven methodologies that mitigate your risk by hiring the right employees from the start. NobleSix clients & partners learn what to do in emergency situations and are armed with the knowledge needed to make split-second, life-saving decisions.


Threat Identification

In today's ever-changing world  we are seeing and hearing about tragic events taking place in our schools, houses of worship and workplaces; from shootings to other, more diabolical acts of terrorism.  So, how do we identify the warning signs and protect against them?

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Operational Security Development

Every owner, manager, employee or volunteer has the duty to become educated so that they can protect their organization and the people around them.  It's far better to have a plan and never need it, rather than to need a plan and not have one!


Personnel Review & Training

We offer security plans, emergency response protocol development, evacuation plans, and more.  We employ proven methodologies that keep elite law enforcement and military operators out of harms way...bringing them home safely to their families.



"NobleSix came in, accurately assessed our potential issues and blind spots and offered a 'make sense' solution that fit our needs and our budget

Managing Partner

Dave Jeffries

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