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Helping Top Organizations Build Effective Safety Cultures by De-Risking the Workplace

Welcome to NobleSix

NobleSix is a business unit of the Noble Group; an organization that has decades of providing organizational safety & security services such as background screening, drug testing, and diagnostics services


NobleSix has complimented the existing Noble solutions with in-person safety training, tailored to both large and small organizations.  In recent years, the demand (from new and existing clients) for NobleSix's unique PROACTIVE approach to safety training has only increased. Due to human resource limitations this led us to begin development of a comprehensive suite of courses we named SCOUT (Safety Culture Optimization, Understanding, and Training).  It's through an easily accessed LMS (Learning Management System) that organizations of all sizes can provide their workforces with relevant education that not only provides for "reaction" training to critical incidents, but also "proactive" training in situational awareness, what to look for, and statistical data to reinforce the lessons being taught.​​

We invite you to discover how NobleSix can effectively provide your organization with the necessary information and tools to help create a safer, more rewarding, and ultimately more successful workplace.​​


SCOUT is the only PROACTIVE risk mitigation training solution in today's organizational safety marketplace. With over a century of combined safety leadership experience the SCOUT team has develeoped a one-of-a-kind solution that helps organizations of all sizes build workplace cultures where all individuals have increased knowledge of today's societal risk factors along with a thorough understanding of best practices in recognizing, avoiding, and reporting behaviors or events that, if left unaddressed, could potentially evolve into a dangerous critical incident.

Regional & Online Services*


Threat Identification

In today's ever-changing world  we are seeing and hearing about tragic events taking place in our schools, houses of worship and workplaces; from shootings to other, more diabolical acts of terrorism.  So, how do we identify the warning signs and protect against them?

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Operational Security Development

Every owner, manager, employee or volunteer has the duty to become educated so that they can protect their organization and the people around them.  It's far better to have a plan and never need it, rather than to need a plan and not have one!


Personnel Review & Training

We offer security plans, emergency response protocol development, evacuation plans, and more.  We employ proven methodologies that keep elite law enforcement and military operators out of harms way...bringing them home safely to their families.

*In Person Services that Typically Involve Travel to Organizational Sites

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